Air Wick

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Air Wick has been connecting people to nature for the past 70 years, since 1943. They have been finding the best fragrances from nature and infusing Air Wick products with these natural essential oils to create an authentic fragrance experience. With their innovative devices, one can enjoy the best from nature at home, making us feel grounded, relaxed and alive. Air Wick was one of the first companies dedicated to air care and rank #2 in the world for home fragrance products. Their product range includes Room Sprays, Automatic Sprays, Slow Release, Candles, Carpet Fresheners, Plug-ins, Aerosols. Choose from a collection of Air Wick products at WeMENA. Get Air Wick Wholesale directly from authorized distributors and suppliers for the best prices without the hassles of intermediaries. WeMENA helps connect to the best dealers in Dubai, UAE.