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Antica Sicilia was born in a small town on the slopes of Etna in 2004. Their primary objective was to satisfy customers who seek quality and authenticity on their table, reviving the flavours of their homeland, drawing inspiration from the older Sicilian gastronomic traditions. Antica Sicilia is an artisanal reality that specializes in the production of vegetable preserves in oil, where the primary products are skillfully selected and carefully processed, taking into account the hygiene requirements. Antica Sicilia is present in almost the whole of Europe and exported to other countries outside Europe such as the United Arab Emirates, United States, Japan and Australia. Antica Sicilia has a wide variety of products including appetizers, pests, ready sauces, pate, spices, flavoured salt, jams & marmalades, sweet creams, modica chocolate, vacuum-packed food and more. Choose from a wide variety of Antica Sicilia products at WeMENA sourced directly from authorized suppliers and distributors. Get the best prices in a safe and secure marketplace. WeMENA helps connect to the best dealers without the hassles of intermediaries.