Casa Olearia Giuseppe

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Casa Olearia Giuseppe, a brand under Calvi Company is an old olive oil business established in 1921 by Giuseppe Calvi. Their main aim was to offer good and natural artisanal products, made with expert knowledge and packaged with elegance. Casa Olearia Giuseppe makes their products from 100% Italian cold-pressed olives. They ensure that all their oils have low acidity. Oils are initially stored in steel silos or traditional underground tanks which are lined with steel and then periodically transferred to clean tanks. Casa Olearia Giuseppe ensures their oils undergo scrupulous analytical controls carried out by approved certified laboratories, and also apply a detailed HACCP self-control. Now choose from a variety of Casa Olearia Giuseppe products to stock your stores. Source all Casa Olearia Giuseppe wholesale products directly from authorized dealers and suppliers in the MENA region. WeMENA ensures the best prices from distributors in a safe and secure marketplace without the hassles of intermediaries.