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Clematis was developed with the ai to produce healthy products made with respect to the environment and tradition. So Clematis products are packaged in glass to preserve the best taste and fragrance of the land where it is located, rich in resources and traditions. Naturamica is a product line of Clematis having sauces and dressings. Each jar is prepared with the perfect combination of ingredients cooked to perfection to provide delicious dishes. High-quality ingredients are used to prepare sauces, dressings and ready-made toppings, which is reminiscent of the Italian flavour. With expert chefs, all products are cooked with extreme dedication, from selecting the best raw materials and using the best cooking techniques to obtain delicate, pleasant and authentic flavours. Choose from a wide range of Clematis products for wholesale at WeMENA sourced directly from suppliers and distributors. WeMENA help connects only to the best dealers in Dubai, UAE with cost-to-cost pricing in a safe and secure marketplace without the hassles of intermediaries.