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COSRX is a Korean beauty skin-care brand that helps individuals to find solutions according to their personal skin conditions. COSRX has various products like Pad, Cleansing, Spot Patch, Toner/Mist, Ampoule/Essence, Lotion/Cream, Mask/Pack, Makeup/Sun-Care which helps in solving problems for different skin concerns like Pore/Sebum, Moisture/Moisturizing, Brightening/Sun-Care. Their product line includes One Step, Full Fit, Hydrium, Balancium, AC Collection, Pure Fit and Real Fit. Choose from a collection of COSRX products for your skin routine. Get all Korean skin-care products wholesale for the best prices from verified suppliers and distributors in Dubai, UAE. WeMENA ensures the best dealers without the hassles of intermediaries in a safe and secure marketplace.