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Detpack, founded in 1948, provides world-class paper and cardboard packaging products for the food-service industry. They design, manufacture, and supply their packaging products with the utmost level of service and care. Detpack food packaging supplies are without a doubt a perfect solution for any foodservice industry. It works by consistently operating 99.99% defect-free, with constant improvements to catch that remaining 0.01%. And it’s proven, with the long-standing relationships with market-leading brands including McDonald’s, Starbucks, CSR Sugar, Goodman Fielder, and Jollibee. They offer over 500 products across different product ranges which include paper bags, cups, plates, bowls, and cutlery, cartons and trays, napkins, wraps, etc. WeMENA offers a wide range of Detpack packaging supplies suitable for any industry looking for disposable and packaging materials. Buy wholesale packaging products from Detpack and get amazing wholesale prices on the products in WeMENA.