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Edding started off in 1960 with the aim spread the power of expression. They stand for clear design, clear colours, clear communications because drawing a line means setting a direction and formulating a statement. From simple doodles to professional presentations, artistic designs or solving DIY problems at home, Edding has it all covered by helping anyone to successfully realise their ideas. Edding products are sturdy, resilient, extremely long-lasting and of high quality. Edding has a wide range of products like markers, sprays, pens and the list go on. Their products can be used on different surfaces like paper, carton & cardboard, glass & mirror, metal, plastic & foil, porcelain & ceramic, whiteboard, glass board & chalkboard, concrete & stone, wood, canvas, rubber and textile. Buy Edding products like Edding markers and more for the best prices at WeMENA. We connect to the best wholesale suppliers, distributors and dealers in Dubai, UAE and ensure a safe and secure marketplace without the hassles of intermediaries.