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Indomie is a brand of Indofood - an Indonesian company. The Indomie instant noodles or the Indomie mi goreng noodles started off in 1972. They are definitely the pioneers of instant noodles in the world. They are one of the largest instant noodle manufacturers. Hard work, perseverance, and innovation established themselves as the largest producer of instant noodles. Indomie is one of the best instant noodles in Indonesia Though the company had a humble beginning in the 1970 - the company ensured that the products had the best quality, and they were unique and delicious. All the ingredients used in the production of Indomie noodles were carefully selected ingredients that are best quality ingredients. They sourced quality flour and fresh spices from the natural resources available in Indonesia. Indomie noodles are available in 80 countries worldwide including, Australia, America, Dubai, and many European countries. Choose Indomie if you are looking to have flavourful, unique, and delicious noodles. They come in different flavours. Few of the popular flavours available in Indomie are mi goreng (meaning fried noodles), chicken curry instant noodles, spicy curry fried noodles, special chicken instant noodles, green chilli fried noodles, satay fried noodles, hot & spicy fried noodles. With a production capacity of 19 billion, it is no wonder that Indomie is flavour, and flavoured by the world. Indomie offers both dry based noodles and soup-based noodles. You can prepare Indomie instant noodles fast and easy. It is ideal for the working class who needs to grab food on the go. All you have to do is add in the Indomie noodles to boiling water, drain the noodles ones done, and finally add in all the seasonings. Now preparing food is convenient at its best. Indomie is certified as halal and also has the HACCP and ISO certification from SGS. Buy wholesale Indomie noodles from WeMENA wholesale market at great wholesale prices. Sourced directly from suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.