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Lacnor juices are nothing but happiness with every sip. Lacnor is a part of NFPC (National Food Products Company) and has been in the industry for 40 years. Lacnor has grown to an international brand from a small active local brand because of the commitment and passion it maintained from the start of the company. The company is proud to be serving more than 30 countries overseas. Lacnor offers a wide range of products - from fruit juices to flavoured milk and loved by people all over the world. They serve the best from nature, offering nutritious and delicious drinks in convenient packaging to bring joy in people when drinking healthy beverages. Lacnor is a market leader because of the continuous improvement, and innovation which the company undertakes unfailingly. The company is proud to offer products that are healthy and tasty at the same time. They have a strong commitment in producing superior quality products. From the raw material selection process to the manufacturing, the company takes special attention to every detail of the process. Lacnor is the first food production facility in the UAE to be recognised for this and has been awarded the international HACCP certificate of quality. WeMENA offers different flavoured Lacnor products at great wholesale prices. Choose from a wide variety of mouth-watering Lacnor products directly from authorized distributors and suppliers at the best prices and quality packing.