Nezo Salt

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NEZO started in 1929 and is a household name for salt. They have a reputable history of mining, and grinding salt. This has made them masters in their salt production. NEZO offers different kinds of salts that are best suited for different kinds of food preparations. There is a difference in grinds and dosage of salt in every granule. They have clearly differentiated it by producing different kinds to make it easier for the end consumer. NEZO offers salt for people looking to lower the intake of salt as well as for people who are looking for more iodine content in their food. As NEZO puts it, NEZO salt collection can be your best kitchen companion. It brings into the life flavours of the rest of your spices. NEZO sources natural pristine salt from underground caverns in the Netherlands and Denmark. They also dive below the Himalayan Mountain Range in search of the delicate pink-colored Himalaya Salt. Extra coarse sea salt is from the Caribbean island of Bonaire. Likewise, they source the best quality products from around the world in order to produce the best quality Salt. WeMENA has a huge collection of Salt offered by NEZO salt. WeMENA offers them at great wholesale prices for supermarkets, and other retail outlets.