Pastificio Agricolo Lenato

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The Pastificio Agricolo Lenato family dates back to 1929s in the hills of Caltagirone, with history and ancient origins linked to wheat and the land. The noble art of cultivation has been passed down out of love for nature and passion for their land. With a dedication to the cultivation of durum wheat, they have guaranteed the production of excellent high-quality pasta, from sowing, harvesting and a certified mill similar to the traditional millstone and stone mill, transforming a small grain of wheat to Pasta Lenato, ensuring the Italian artisan dry pasta. Pastificio Agricolo Lenato carried out a series of production steps from the wheat, dough, drawing shapes, sweating or drying, packaging and certification all to obtain a flawless finished product. Choose from a variety of Pastificio Agricolo Lenato products for wholesale at WeMENA directly from authorized distributors and suppliers for the best prices in the MENA region. WeMENA helps connect to only verified dealers in a safe and secure marketplace without the hassles of intermediaries.