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Pastificio Fabianelli's Pasta Toscana line for wholesale directly from distributors, and suppliers for the best prices.

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The story of Pastificio Fabianelli starts from Tuscany with a history of over 150 years in the Fabianelli family. With passion and devotion, the first step is the selection of raw ingredients with only premium quality hard wheat being farmed, guaranteeing the quality. According to traditional beliefs then spring water is used to knead the dough and then bronze-drawn in modern plants ensuring the ancient art of the master pasta makers. Pastificio Fabianelli has been around for 4 generations with the same love for pasta, exporting their products to more than 50 countries, with 3 production lines, 9 different shapes of pasta created to meet any demand and finally 100% eco-friendly by using fully recyclable paper for packaging. Choose from a variety of Pastificio Fabianelli products, especially from the Pasta Toscana line for wholesale. Now you can source all products directly from distributors and dealers in the UAE for the best prices. WeMENA helps connect to only the best suppliers without the hassles of intermediaries in a safe and secure marketplace.