Purell hand sanitizer refill bottles and Purell hand sanitizers available at wholesale rates at WeMENA. Products are sourced directly from Purell hand sanitizer distributors and manufacturers in UAE.

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Purell without a doubt has introduced an entire set of products that help the world fight illness causing germs and viruses. From foot-operated dispensers, hand sanitizers to automatic dispensers - Purell has a range of products that help in making our lives easy. Not to mention the Purell hand sanitizer refill bags and bottles which allow for easy replacement on dispensers. Purell is an American-based company. The brand is popular in America, Europe, and Asia. It is one of the brands that is widely available in the UAE - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the Emirate. It is widely popular because of the trust it has garnered over the years. It is the most trusted and most used hand sanitizer brand in the hospitals as well. Their carefully formulated hand sanitizer kills upto 99.99% common illness-causing germs. They were the first brand to meet hand hygiene requirements by the FDA with just a single pump. So all you need is a single pump of Purell Hand Sanitizer to kill germs in your hand. The whole purpose of the company is to produce well-being solutions that save lives and make life better. Purell hand sanitizers have moisturizing properties in order to retain the moisture in your hand. The product is gentle on your skin. They use the best scientific techniques to create solutions for a healthier lifestyle. Businesses can utilize the Purell hand sanitizer refills in order to save some money. Instead of purchasing small bottles of sanitizers in bulk - companies can invest in good quality dispensers and buy refill bags or refill bottles to fill in the dispenser. Two of the refill bottles that come in Purell are Purell hand sanitizer refill for NXT dispenser and Purell hand sanitizer refill for the automatic dispenser. Depending on your requirement you can buy refill bags as per your need. Buy Purell products from WeMENA at great wholesale prices. WeMENA source all our products from manufacturers and authorized suppliers in the UAE. Buying from WeMENA gives you a number of benefits like Low MOQ, free delivery on orders above AED300, credit facilities, cash on delivery, etc. Bulk buy from WeMENA and receive all of the above benefits.