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Stabilo has been a market player in the manufacturing of writing instruments for about 160 years. Stabilo International is part of the Schwan - Stabilo Group. Founded in Germany, they have manufacturing units in Germany, Czech Republic, and Malaysia, with distribution of their products to more than 180 countries. Stabilio positions their pens as ‘Pens with Cult Status’. They put in a lot of thought when manufacturing pens - be it the German quality and also the various innovative techniques they use while producing them. They believe in adding colour to the lives of millions by the products they manufacture. Some of the diverse products they manufacture in writing instruments are pens, pencils, highlighters, sketches, color pencils, etc. Apart from writing instruments, they have also laid hand on cosmetics and outdoor activity products. WeMENA offers a huge variety of Stabilo pens, highlighters, colour pencils, pencils, etc from Stabilo suppliers in the UAE. Stabilo is one of the brands best suitable for children making it a must-have product in school supplies. The packaging of all their products require special mention as those are loved by children. It brings out the creativity in the little minds. Buy Stabilo stationery wholesale from WeMENA at great prices.