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Uniball is a famous brand of pens and pencils that has been formed by the company Mitsubishi Pencil Co. Ltd. Founded and headquartered in Japan, they have a wide variety of products in the category of pens. Uniball understands the importance of putting pen to paper, and has produced their pens keeping their customers in mind. Uniball pens are perfect to use for examinations, for creative writing, signing important documents, etc. They ensure that the pens have both quality and the style element. Ease and smoothness of writing are another factor that is taken into consideration when manufacturing Uniball pens. WeMENA provides Uniball pens of different types, and colours. The pens are sourced from suppliers and distributors in the UAE. We ensure that you get best prices when purchasing Uniball pens wholesale. Uniball pens are a great addition to your office and school stationery supplies.