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Underscore URS is an international export/import trading and manufacturing company that deals with a wide range of products like Protective Masks, Trolley Bags, Blankets Etc. One of their main products is protective masks and they have a range of products which includes also mask for kids, construction mask and premium copper masks that all are apt for anti-pollution, anti-dust and anti-bacterial. These masks are made to ensure they have a snug fit, skin-friendly and can be used multiple times. All their products are made from highly breathable, expandable and washable fabric that has a pre-fitted, adjustable nose pin, allowing the mask to adapt to the natural shape of our nose. In cases of kids masks, there is a slot between the inner soft lining and outer mesh fabric that allows airflow while keeping pollutants at bay, along with head loops that come with size adjusters. Choose from a wide variety of URS products at WeMENA. Get URS wholesale from authorized distributors and suppliers for the best prices. WeMENA help connect only to the best dealers in the MENA region without the hassles of intermediaries.