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Whiteline Detergent Factory LLC is a specialist in Detergent Chemistry. Whiteline Detergent Factory LLC based in the UAE - is a leading manufacturer of supplies detergents, disinfectants, and degreasers. They supply a wide range of chemical cleaning solutions required for businesses - both industrial and commercial business. The company started off by manufacturing products in the home-care and now expanded its production to care-care and industrial care products. The company also markets its line of products under the brand name "Swish+", V2, Spartan, Orange + & Ultra Super Shine. The manufacturing unit of Whiteline detergents is based in the emirate of Umm Al Quwain. The 10000 sq.ft manufacturing unit is equipped with automated machinery and the products are manufactured adopting best practices. With the focus on equipping the company with fully automated facilities and focusing on custom chemical manufacturing - the company has made huge investments in automated mixing machinery and liquid filling machines. They are able to deliver high-quality products to the consumers solely because of the technology they use and the true commitment and dedication of the team. Whiteline Products : Whiteline manufactures products of the following types but has the capability to handle other types of products as well. Some products are blended and others are produced with reaction chemistry. Surfactants Flocculants Dispersants Wax compounds Hydrogen sulfide scavengers Corrosion inhibitors Thickening agents WeMENA offers a variety of Whiteline products - including hand sanitizers, and hand sanitizer dispensers.