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Zebra stationery brand is a leading manufacturer of pens, highlighters, and other writing instruments. The company is known for the quality pens it manufactures and distributes across the world. The Zebra Company was founded in Japan and has subsidiaries across the globe. Some of the writing instruments which Zebra company manufactures are markers, highlighters, gel pens, ballpoint pens, twin markers, mechanical pencil, fountain pen, etc. Their products are widely known for the quality it offers its customers. They are focused on manufacturing the writing instruments which best meets the requirements of offices, businesses, and schools. WeMENA supplies wholesale Zebra highlighters and Twin markers at amazingly low prices. These products are best suitable for schools and offices where you need to mark different points and write on white boards to explain difficult concepts. These writing and highlighting instruments are a great tool to convey concepts in a clear manner and highlight points that are important to register in one’s mind. These writing tools act as a great instrument for studying.