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Corn flakes, or cornflakes, or simply flakes are a breakfast cereal made from toasting flakes of corn (maize) initially. Nowadays there are many variations of flakes made from various ingredients and different grains. The cereal, originally made with wheat and was created as a food that would be healthy for patients. Corn flakes are a packaged cereal product formed from small toasted flakes of corn, usually served cold with milk and sometimes sugar. The plain flakes are usually flavoured with salt, sugar, and malt, and many successive products with additional ingredients such as sugar-frosted flakes and honey & nut corn flakes. As well as being used as a breakfast cereal, the crushed flakes can be a substitute for bread crumbs in recipes and can be incorporated into many cooked dishes. Choose from a variety of yummy corn flakes and flakes for wholesale to include a healthy meal in your breakfast. Sourced from the best suppliers and distributors in the UAE. WeMENA ensures the best prices and a safe and secure marketplace.