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Canned fruits are made as a method of preserving fruits by placing the fruits in airtight containers like Mason jars, steel and tin cans. This process can provide a shelf life that typically ranges from one to five years, and under certain circumstances, it can be used for much longer. Originally fruits were preserved in fragile heavy glass containers which presented challenges for transportations and hence replaced by cylindrical tin cans or wrought-iron canisters. Cans were considered cheaper and could be made more quickly, and not fragile in comparison with glass jars. Can openers were not invented for a very long time, and initially people used to cut open cans or smash them open with rocks. Nowadays tin-coated steel is most commonly used to make cans. Choose from a wide variety of canned fruits to buy wholesale from at WeMENA. We help source your products from verified suppliers and distributors without the hassles of intermediaries in a safe and secure marketplace. Get the best prices from authorized dealers in the MENA region.