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There are times when we're really tired and wish that someone would serve us a glass of drink. But then maybe we're alone and we have to get up and get it done. Instant mixes make it easier for us in such cases. Just take a glass of water, a couple of spoons of instant mix powder and stir in. A refreshing drink in this summer days is ready. Instant mixes are of many forms. It can be powdered drinks, and even some traditional sweets like kheer, gulab jamun, ras malai and more. Powdered drinks are alternatives to making fruits juices and can be found in various flavours. One has to just mix it with water and there's no need of adding any other flavouring agent or sweetening agent. Traditional sweets are really yummy to have, but sadly most of the traditional dishes have a complicated and long process. But with instant mixes nowadays this no longer persists as a problem. Just mix in the few liquid ingredients and follow the procedure as per each dish and in no time yummy traditional sweets are ready. Now you can choose from a variety of yummy Instant Mixes at WeMENA. All products are sourced from authorized suppliers and dealers for the best prices. We ensure that there are no hassles of intermediaries and help connect to only verified distributors in the MENA region in a safe and secure marketplace.