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Olive, is a species of a small tree, that is traditionally found in the Mediterranean Basin. The fruit also called an olive, is of agricultural importance in the Mediterranean region especially in sourcing olive oil. It is also a core ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. Usually, the fruit is a small drupe that is approx 1-2.5 cm long when ripe. It is found to be thinner-fleshed and smaller in wild plants. Olive fruit is categorized into three groups according to its degree of ripeness. One type is green olives which are picked when they are usually unripe with a shade of green to yellow. Semi-ripe olives are picked at the beginning of the ripening cycle, and usually from green to multicolour shades of brown to red. Finally, black olives or ripe olives are fully ripe fruit, with colour ranges of purple, black or brown. These olives are preserved in a brine solution for them to last longer. Pickles are usually any food that has undergone pickling. Pickles are usually sweet, savoury, spicy and vinegary and known as sweet pickle, ploughman's pickle or achaar. Pickles are usually served as a part of lunch. Pickles may contain a variety of diced vegetables, including carrots, onions, cauliflower, eggplant, ginger, and also diced fruits such as limes, lemons, mangoes and a lot of other vegetables or fruits. Pickles are usually pickles in sauces made from vinegar, tomato, apple, spices, or also preserved in brine, vinegar, edible oils such as mustard, or not oils, and various spices. At WeMENA we have a wide variety of pickles and olives to choose from. Get wholesale olives and wholesale pickles for the best prices from authorized suppliers and dealers. We ensure business without the hassles of intermediaries in a safe and secure marketplace. Connect only to verified distributors in the MENA region.