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Ice cream is a sweetened frozen food that is eaten as a snack or dessert. Ice creams may be made from dairy milk or cream and are flavoured with a sweetener, sugar or an alternative, and any spice, such as cocoa or vanilla. Ice creams are also made by whisking flavoured cream base and liquid nitrogen together. Colouring agents are also added in addition to stabilizers. The ice cream mixture is stirred to incorporate air spaces and cooled below the freezing point of water to prevent detectable ice crystals from forming. The result is a smooth, semi-solid foam that is solid at very low temperatures. Ice creams are also known by terms like frozen custard, frozen yoghurt, sorbet, gelato. Ice cream is served in dishes, for eating with a spoon, or licked from edible cones or sticks. Ice cream is served with other desserts also, such as apple pie, or as an ingredient in sundaes, milkshakes, cakes and even baked items. Choose from a wide range of ice cream collection at WeMENA. Source products directly from authorized and verified distributors and suppliers for the best prices and avoid the hassles of intermediaries.