Savoury Foods

Choose from a collection of savory food including Indian snacks from popular brands like Bikaji, American Garden, Ifresh.

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Too much sweet is also not entertained always. The mix of sweet and spice to salty is always the perfect balance. Savory foods usually contain a level of spice or salt without the sweet factor. Munching off on something during a movie or maybe a tough assignment is really soothing to the mind and stomach. Food has been considered to always make the brain work straight. For those who can't take too much of sweet snacks, savory foods are always to the rescue. Savory foods include popcorn, mixtures, flavoured nuts, fryums, and more. Savory food goes along with tea or coffee and can also be enjoyed plain. Choose from a variety of savory food, mainly Indian snack, popcorns from WeMENA. All wholesale products are sourced directly from authorized suppliers and distributors who offer the best prices and quotes. Enjoy a hassle-free business.