12Pcs Cleaning Sponge Green and Yellow Pack of 12

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Multipurpose - These scrub pads can be used to clean other things apart from the purpose of cleaning the utensils. You can also clean the tiles of the kitchen and bathroom wall with them. Nylon Scrub - This scrub pad has a nylon scrub pad on the reverse side of the sponge for cleaning stubborn stains. It''s used for heavy-duty scrubbing. This scrub pad combats everything from scrambled eggs to grungy grills. Thick Sponge - This unique scrub pad has a thick sponge backing. It''s for gentle, convenient scratch-proof cleaning. You can clean delicate products and other equipment with this side of the scrub pad. Special Adhesive - A special adhesive has been used to keep the long-lasting sponge and scrub bond in place. The two different kinds of scrub pads are not going to fall apart very easily while being used for cleaning.


• Superior quality scrub pad which cleans better for longer

• Abrasive and superior cleaning power ensures stains are removed keeping utensils clean and hygienic

• Abrasive particles are evenly spread through the layers of the scrub pad – this ensures that the scrub pad cleans effectively for longer

• Superior quality nylon fibre which ensures that the scrub pad is easy to hold and retains shape for longer

• Ideal shape and size that makes cleaning of edges rims and corners easy

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