3M Scotch Wallsafe Tape In Dispenser 183. 3/4x650 In (19mmx16.5M). 1 Roll/Dispenser

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Scotch Magic Wall-Safe Tape is easy to handle and apply. Sticks securely, removes cleanly.No residue or wall damage. Unique Post-it adhesive technology which means sticks and resticks again and again. Pulls off the roll smoothly and cuts easily. Resists splitting and tearing. Resists yellowing and drying out. Comes with an Portable Dispenser for easy usage. Photo safe.

Brand information

3 M company is a multinational corporation specialised in the manufacturing of a variety of products like abrasives, adhesives, passive fire protection, personal protective equipment, paint protection films, etc. 3M produces over 60,000 products under several brand names. 3M supports and has marked its presence in the following industries - healthcare, manufacturing, safety, automotive, electronics, energy, commercial solution, transportation, design, construction, consumer, and government agencies. They believe in combining the power of technology to find solutions that solve the daily life problems. They claim that science is the heart of everything 3M does. They focus on leaner processes, automated systems, stronger communities, and sustainable development. WeMENA offers 3M products at great wholesale prices. Bulk buy 3M products from WeMENA and get amazing deals on the products.