7" Biodegradable Plates

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Product: Biodegradable Plates

Size: 7"

Packaging: 1000 pcs per box

Material: We use 100% plant fiber as raw material. It uses sugarcane fiber(sugar cane bagasse) instead of wood fiber as raw material ,which protests the environment. It can be decomposed naturally in to fertilizer after 31 days in the earth.

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Sold by Green Gift Concepts

We are an innovative green company with the aim of building a sustainable future for the earth we live in, the nature, and living beings in it by producing and promoting environmentally friendly products. The importance of being environmentally friendly is being realized worldwide so there is increased emphasis on finding eco-friendly alternatives for synthetic, non-bio-degradable products made from plastic/foam, glass etc. and we will continue towards this endeavor by providing quality products.

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