Arean Antibacterial Multipurpose Wipes - Sachets

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MOQ: 1000 Piece
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Alcohol free, moist Wipes. Method wet wipes & Hand Sanitizers are made of 100% wood-based fibers, so you can toss them straight in the compost bin.

Brand information

AREAN® is the brand of Aligarea Medics Para Products L.L.C. AREAN® offers a wide range of hygiene and personal care products; anti bacterial wipes, hand sanitizers, hand washes, anti-bacterial towels, etc. Their products are very much aligned with their motto- ‘Pure loving care in your hands’. The aim of the company is to provide health and hygiene products of international standards to each and every consumer out there suitable for every market. They make it possible with their advanced manufacturing unit, highly professional team, and well equipment laboratories.