Bosch Asb 10.8 Cordless Li-Ion Hedge Shear

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Outstandingly compact and lightweight, the ASB 10.8 LI is a highly manoeuvrable, handheld hedge shear. It gives you complete control and more than enough strength and power to help you shape your young hedges and shrubs just the way you want them.

Powered by a Lithium-Ion battery with no self discharge, no memory effect and fast charging, it enables you to cut for up to 100 minutes with one 3 hour battery charge. With no cable, this cordless hedge shear from Bosch allows complete freedom of use away from a power source.

The ASB 10.8 LI is easy to charge--it comes with a simple mobile phone-style charger and the tool displays a green light when charging. Its four-stage LED battery status indicator clearly shows you how much battery life is left, so you know when you need to charge.

When the indicator shows completely green, the Isio is fully charged, when the green light starts flashing, the battery has 20 percent capacity left, and when the indicator turns red, the Isio requires charging.

Brand information

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