Dettol Anti-Bacterial Skin Wipes 10'sx40 Pkt

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Cleaning your hands on the go will be convenient when you opt for these antibacterial skin wipes. These skin wipes are dermatologically tested and are gentle on the skin. Also, these skin wipes are packed in a resealable pack which makes it easy to draw and retains its freshness throughout.

10 Wipes per PKT

40 PKT/Case

Brand information

Dettol has been in the hospital picture for the past 80 years when it was initially used for cleaning and disinfection of skin during surgical procedures. Since then Dettol is the number one trusted protectors of health around the world preventing wounds from infection and sickness. At WeMENA we care about the health and hygiene of our customers. Find authorized Dettol distributors and suppliers in the UAE for the best prices, without any hassle of intermediaries.