Double A A4 80 Gsm (1 Ctn + 12 PCs 3x3 Sticky Notes)1pc Kanex Stapler Standy-45 Plus) 1Pc Kanex SR-L45 Staple Remover Bundle Offer

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Double A A4 80 Gsm (1 Ctn + 12 PCs 3x3 Sticky Notes)1pc Kanex Stapler Standy-45 Plus) 1Pc Kanex SR-L45 Staple Remover Bundle Offer
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Double A A4 80Gsm:

• Elegantly designed to ensures effective screen painting and application in light water-media.

• Sprucely crafted thin and strong sheets with standard size meets a broad spectrum of printing needs.

• Lightly textured surface makes them ideal for block printing.

3x3 Sticky Notes:

• 3 in x 3 in

• Strong adhesive, make sure sticky notes don't fall off, and removes cleanly as well

• Sturdy stickies don't tear apart, curl up or spill ink

• Bright colors. (Bright memo pads making your message more noticeable)

• Can be pasted on the wall, blackboard, computer, desktop, refrigerator and almost all other smooth surfaces.

Kanex Stapler Standy-45 Plus:

• Mini 2 way standy stapler, can be placed vertically on the desktop.

• Stapler opens for tracking ability to attach papers to boards and more.

Kanex SR-L45 Staple Remover:

• Plastic cover with finger grip.

• Nickel chrome plated steel jaws for removing staples.

• Removes staples as well as board pins.

Items Included in this bundle offer:

• Double A A4 80Gsm (1Ctn)

• Kanex Stapler Standy-45 Plus (1Pc)

• Kanex SR-L45 Staple Remover (1Pc)

• 3x3 Sticky Note 12Pcs

Brand information

Double A brand offers a wide range of products in which double A copy paper or A4 paper sheets being one of their best-selling products. They offer premium paper in A4 and A3 sizes. The Double A A4 paper is known for its high opacity and high fiber content. They use approximately 30 million fibers per gram to produce their paper. Double A is a widely recognized and accepted paper brand across Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. They are looking to further expand their presence globally. Double A has been in the market since 1991. Their sole vision for the business was to produce quality papers without harming the environment. They employed the best practices and the best technology in order to produce the best quality paper in the most eco-friendly manner. The word Double A signifies nothing but Double Quality. It is one of the brands that strived to make superior performance paper in the best sustainable manner - this pretty much summarizes the context of their slogan: 'Better paper, better world'. There are plenty of paper companies in the world, but what makes Double A stand out is the companies effort to produce quality paper without harming the environment. They constantly strive to produce quality paper through smart, responsible, and sustainable practices. Apart from high quality paper, they also offer L shaped files, glue sticks, staplers, stapler pins, sticky notes, books, sheet protectors, highlighters, etc. At WeMENA, we provide the above-mentioned products as bundle offers with Double A paper since Double A paper is the most in-demand product in Double A. You can choose the bundle offers that are available at great prices. WeMENA is the leading Double A paper distributor in the UAE. We source products directly from manufacturers and authorised suppliers in the UAE. Purchase Double A paper or Double A bundle offers from WeMENA at amazingly low prices. Bulk purchase office products from WeMENA and get amazing deals on stationery and paper products