Elegant 300ml Sanitizer Spray 70% IPA

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Elegant Hand Sanitizer Spray halts the spread of Germs & Bacteria to keep you and your family safe. Our product guarantees protection on all surfaces. Our Sprays are non-sticky and rinse free. Easy to carry anywhere anytime. Eco-Friendly by helping save large amounts of water. CFC-free formula provides safety and comfort. Our proprietary blend of Moisturizers and Glycerin guarantee a soft and pleasing experience.

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Sold by EPOCH Cosmetics & Toiletries

With over 50 years of industry experience, Epoch Cosmetics & Toiletries is a leading aerosol manufacturer in The UAE. As a family run business, Epoch now holds the expertise and outreach required to deliver quality products to over 50 countries. We also provide contract manufacturing for regional and international markets for aerosol products, cosmetics & prints. As a family-owned company, Epoch Cosmetics & Toiletries operates with integrity and loyalty at its heart. Founded by Mr. Akbar Ali Fakhruddin who relocated to Dubai from Rajasthan, India in 1963, what started as a small trading unit in Deira has progressed to becoming an extensive manufacturing and supply unit. Owing to the efforts and dedication of his 4 sons Shabbir, Abbas, Qaid Johar, and Huzaifa Fakhruddin, Epoch is now a third-generation business that is growing exponentially. Epoch is the parent company manufacturing Elegant products.

Brand information

Elegant is a specially formulated anti bacterial that aims to kill 99% germs in your hand. Elegant offers different kinds of hand sanitizer products. They offer hand sanitizer spray and hand sanitizer gels ranging from small 60 ml bottles to 5 liter containers. Use Elegant hand sanitizer regularly to kill germs and bacteria in your hands. Bulk buy Elegant products to protect yourself from harmful germs. Elegant provides moisturizing properties like Vitamin E oil to prevent your hands from drying and to keep your hands moisturized all the time. WeMENA provides hand sanitizer gel and hand sanitizer spray from Elegant. Purchase hand sanitizers from Elegant to maintain a clean and healthy hand hygiene. Elegant meets all the safety standards that are required to meet the hand hygiene standards. WeMENA provides special offers and deals for Elegant hand sanitizer in the UAE.