HDPE Gloves - Clear Gloves 10,000 pieces (100pieces x 100packets)

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HDPE Gloves
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High-Density Polyethylene Gloves

Disposable, ambidextrous. Powder-free

Easy donning and low cost

One size fits all

Suitable for contact with any type of food

Purchase this High Density Polyethylene Gloves (HDPE), also known as PE gloves for everyday use. HDPE gloves provided by WeMENA is high quality, lightweight, tear-resistant, durable, latex-free clear gloves. These are transparent, easy to wear gloves.

With HDPE gloves you do not have to worry about the size of the glove. The glove is available in one size that fits all.

This glove is suitable for business use and personal use.

What makes HDPE gloves popular amongst businesses is the 'easy to wear' convenience it offers and the availability of these gloves at a low price.

Use gloves regularly for better safety and better hygiene.

HDPE gloves are considered to be one of the best cost-effective disposable gloves available in the market. A pack of gloves can last for quite a long period. Businesses can buy these gloves in bulk and save money.

These gloves can be frequently changed depending on individual use. It is one of those gloves you can use on the go. It is the perfect glove option for everyday use.

HDPE gloves are widely used in the food service industry. Because the food service industry is required to change gloves frequently when servicing the customers, these poly gloves come as a great option for food businesses.

WeMENA sources gloves and other health care essentials directly from manufacturers and authorised suppliers in the UAE. Buy wholesale HDPE gloves from WeMENA to get best prices on your wholesale purchase. We guarantee the best quality gloves at the best wholesale prices.