High Power Thermal Scanner for Multiple People - LR700

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Long-range body temperature Camera.

Features: Measure Body temperature from 8 meters

- Detect 30-50 person at a time.

- Has Mask alarm.

- Software provided

- Can be on tripod/wall mounted

- Desktop/Laptop/TV screen excluded

- Tripod Included

- Installation Excluded

- Optimal screening distance 8 meters

- Accuracy ±0.3°C - ±0.5°C

- Scans 300 person / minute

- Alarm to notify abnormal body temperature

- Option to add face recognition/masked face detection

Benefits: With its ultra long range thermal screening and ability to check body thermal temperature for several hundred people at a time, this is our high power thermal camera. Its Recommended for airports, multilevel commercial office buildings, large shopping malls, sporting stadiums, public transport stations and large gatherings.

Installation Tips:

- Cable to your PC

- No mess installation - can be fitted to portable tripod