Info Notes Sticky note 3×3 (75×75mm)Yellow

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Global Notes 5654-01 reposition-able notes 75 x 75 mm 100 x 12 pads yellow (imported from Germany)

The manufacturer's warranty for this product may differ from warranties usually provided with products sold in the UK.

Reposition-able notes in 75 x 75 mm format - 100 notes x 12 pads

Adhesives on most surfaces, leaves no residue and can be repositioned

Easily removable from the pad for easy writing

Environmentally friendly water-based glue, solvent-free

Features & details

Yellow Post-it notes in 75 x 75 mm format, 100 sheets per pad, each pad in printed film, 12 pads in pack

Stick to paper and many other surfaces, are detachable without leaving any residue, and can be repositioned

Easy to write on and easy to remove individual notes

Environmentally friendly, water-based, solvent-free made by the manufacturer itself

Made in Germany

Brand information

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