Kodak Alaris Kodak Legal Flatbed

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Compatibility: Kodak Alaris Scanners: • ScanMate i1150 i1180 Scanners • i2400 i2600 i2800 Scanners • i3000 Series Scanners • i4000 Series Scanners • ScanStation 700 Scanner • Picture Saver Scanning Systems PS50, PS55, PS80

Brand information

Kodak, a global technology company mainly focuses on print and advanced materials. Kodak is committed to providing the utmost superior, responsive, and world-class consumables and services. Kodak aims to become more agile, customer-focused, and innovative earning the trust of its customers. WeMENA provides a range of Kodak products to choose from. We help get the best prices from the most reliable and authorized suppliers in Dubai.