Kodak Led Bulb Candle C37 E27 6W - Daylight

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Size 6 watts

Colour White

Country of Origin China

Model Number C37E276WD

Material Combination

Model Name Candle C37

Material Composition Plastic, Aluminium

Colour Temperature 6000K

Brightness 480 lm

Base Type E27, Edison Screw

Emanates an enhanced level of brightness while consuming low power while making it energy efficient

Emits uniform light in every direction to give high lumen

Superior circuit design prevents overheating

Eliminates the influence of the voltage fluctuations

Brand information

Kodak, a global technology company mainly focuses on print and advanced materials. Kodak is committed to providing the utmost superior, responsive, and world-class consumables and services. Kodak aims to become more agile, customer-focused, and innovative earning the trust of its customers. WeMENA provides a range of Kodak products to choose from. We help get the best prices from the most reliable and authorized suppliers in Dubai.