Makita HSS DRILL BIT SET 19EA D29941

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Makita designs and markets an extensive lineup of power tools.

Makitas principal products include circular saws, jig saws, rip saw blade and cordless etc.

Bayonet fitting.

For mild steel, stainless steel. Also for tough plastics.

For Model: 4331D, 4322, 4323, 4324, 4326, 4327, 4329, 4350CT/FCT, BJV180Z, JR1000FT.

The Makita B22 Jigsaw Blades for mild steel, stainless steel and tough plastics, especially suited for thin plate.

Cuts up to 3mm in most metals including stainless steel.

Application: Stainless Steel, Cladding, Roofing & Trunking sheet.


Capacity: Aluminium/Stainless Steel/Mild Steel: 1-3mm, Plastics: 1-6mm.

Brand information

Makita Corporation founded in 1915 is headquartered in Japan. The company focuses on the production and sales of industrial tools, electric power tools, gardening tools, pneumatic tools, and household equipment. Makita Gulf FZE is one of the subsidiaries of Makita Corporation. It was incorporated in the year 1997. Makita specialises in designing and marketing an exclusive line of power tools. Makita’s core products are circular saws, jigsaws, planers, drills, hammers, grinders, and sanders. In an effort to expand the market and the customer base, Makita started to market stationary woodworking machines and pneumatic tools as well as garden tools. The unparalleled quality and reliability in Makita power tools and other products has garnered the company the trust and brand loyalty from around the world. A few of the popular Makita products are Makita Cordless Drill Hammer 13MM 18V, Makita Finishing Sander 200W, Makita Cordless Drill Hammer 13Mm 18V, Makita Electric ChainSaw 40Cm - 1800W, Makita Tiles & Marble Cutter - 1200W. Buy Makita products at the best wholesale deals from WeMENA. WeMENA offers Makita products at great wholesale prices. From cordless tools, drilling machines, measuring tools to a variety of cutting, and grinding tools are available in WeMENA offered by Makita. Order from WeMENA and get the best deals and offers with multiple payment options, cash on delivery, credit benefits, low MOQ, low wholesale prices, and free delivery on orders above AED 300.