Pilot BPS-GP-M Green 1mm (1x12Pkt)

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MOQ: 10 Piece
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Round barrel body offers a comfortable and firm hold

Features a unique ink flow system that ensures a superior writing performance

Equipped with a clip which efficiently allows you to store the pen in your pocket

Brand information

Pilot pen strongly supports convenient and enjoyable writing. Pilot is a Japanese pen manufacturer company based out of Tokyo, Japan. Though the company produces writing instruments, stationery supplies, and jewellery - they are best known for the pens they manufacture. Pilot pens are always an in-demand stationery product in offices and schools. It's fine writing grip and the entire ergonomics of the product is much liked by its customers. They are one of the largest manufacturers of Pen in the world. There are different kinds of pens available in Pilot - ballpoint pen, rotterball, gel, needle point, fountain pen, markers, highlighters, mechanical pens, refills, digital pens, erasers, correction pens, inks, etc. WeMENA provides a huge variety of Pilot pens wholesale in the UAE. WeMENA offers the best price on Pilot pens in Dubai, UAE.