Post-it Tape Flags 3M-6803 Green (1x12Pkt)

Per Piece
Total Price
MOQ: 5 Piece
Delivered free in UAE by Sun, 12 December


Fosters a profound design that facilitates convenient identification

Renders accurate craftsmanship that ensures sturdy adherence, avoiding accidental slippage

Made of high-grade material that serves long-term usage

Brand information

Post-it notes were a great invention of Dr. Spencer Silver, a 3M scientist. It was a Eureka moment for the scientist when he developed this product that sticks to surfaces lightly without falling yet can be removed without any trace of the glue. It was a perfect solution for offices and businesses in writing notes and key points without losing it and being able to view it right in front of them. From there Post-it created many more kinds of post-it notes such as post-it flags, sign here flags, colourful notes, extreme notes etc which made life in office a lot more colourful. For over 40 years, the Post-it® Brand has helped people be more productive, communicate better and express themselves in a number of creative ways. WeMENA has a huge collection of Post-it notes which can be used in offices and schools. WeMENA offers Post-it notes wholesale at best price available in the market.