RoyalFord RF7222 Professional Mop Wringer, 24L

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Wring your mop of excess water without soiling your hands and the floor with the RoyalFord RF7222 Professional Mop Wringer, 24L. This mop wringer is made of high quality plastic which offers durability and long lastedness. Thanks to the high-quality stainless steel handle with humanized design, this mop wringer provides a steady grip as you wring the mop of excess water. What''''s more? You can clean the entire house in one go with this mop wringer as it can store 24L of water in the tank

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Royalford offers class and convenience through its products. The company is focused on delivering the best quality cookware, kitchenware, tableware, Homeware, decor, and cleaning accessories. Designed to fit the taste and preference of modern and contemporary households, their designs are inspired by tomorrow's trend. Right from the raw materials to the final product - the company ensures unparalleled and uncompromised quality in its products. This is one of the key reasons for their constant success and brand loyalty they receive from their customers.