Single Mop Bucket Trolley - 25L

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MOQ: 1 Box
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Single Mop Bucket Trolley - 25L

Easily wring out a wet mop and keep your hands clean.

It has 2 buckets; upper bucket is used to place the wet mop for storage and press handle to wring out the mop. Lower bucket helps to collect the dirty water.

Capacity : 25L

MOQ Dubai: 2 Pieces

MOQ Other Emirates: 4 Pieces

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Sold by EcoSwish Detergents Trading LLC

EcoSwish Detergents Trading LLC, established in 2020, has been well trained in Kitchen, House Keeping, Floorcare, and Laundry departments with a combined experience of over 60 years in the Industry. We are one of the leading suppliers of hygiene accessories and solutions. We view environmental protection, training on safeguarding the people, premises, and equipment as our primary objective. We are also distributors for ECOTECH (EUROPE) HYGIENE ACCESSORIES, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of cleaning solutions, including cleaning cloths, impregnated wipes, flow packs, and trigger spray chemicals.

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