Thermal Screening Smart Monitoring (CABLE) - Code CR300

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Face recognition with body temperature.

Suitable for all businesses, shop, clinic, restaurant.

Data transferred: To laptop/ Desktop Directly by Internet through cable.

- Give Temp alarm.

- Give Mask alarm.

- Measure temperature for Body Distance 1m.

- Software included.

- Laptop/TV Screen Excluded

- Metal stand/Desk stand/tripod Excluded

-Installation Excluded

Benefits:This solution has fever screening and face detection to monitor who is coming to your premises, just like a security camera. It is useful to detect high body temperature instantly for any of your visitors. Recommender for retail, food and beverage outlets, offices, fitness studios.


- Optimal screening distance from <1 meter

- Accuracy ±0.3°C @0.7m

- Your users do not need to touch the unit for screening

- 8.9 inch LCD touch screen

Installation Tips:

- Ethernet cable to your PC

- Stand alone unit which means no drilling for installation

- Can move unit to your desired location with portable stand or tripod

- Can also be installed into wall or turnstyle

- Can be placed on reception counter with the desktop base