Walk Through Temperature & Metal Detector - CR500

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Walk through metal detector/body temperature

Suitable for shops, mall, banks, government department, hotels.

Wrist temp detection.

Software Provided

Installation excluded

No data can be recorded

Face Recognition Optional

Benefits: Useful for monitoring locations with higher security needs as this unit will detect metal and fever. The unit is easily assembled with its modular design. It is easy to move to your desired location.


- Screening distance from <1 meter

- Accuracy ±0.5 °C

- Body temp displayed overhead on both sides of unit

- Audible and visual alarm No X-RAY emission.

- Harmless to the body.

- Choose options for wrist or face scanning. Face recognition feature allows you to record who enters your property

Installation Tips:

- Modular design means easy to assemble

- No mess installation - no drilling into walls