Wilds Wood Men's Dual Wheel Automatic Ebony & Rosewood Watch -For High End Watch Collectors

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Sold by Ibtikar General Trading - UAEIBTIKAR


Reap the benefits of everything that fine woods like ebony and rosewood have to offer in this stunning, handcrafted dual wheel automatic watch. As hypoallergenic materials, ebony and rosewood offer the perfect solution for the wearer with sensitive skin. This watch features a self-winding mechanism and does not require a battery to function, ultimately offering the wearer years of dependable and reliable time-telling.

Additional features include splash and rain resistant technology, a transparent body that showcases the gears inside, and a free link adjustment tool.

For watch enthusiasts, a dual wheel is a must-have for their collection. This premium movement features 47 jewel bearings, a 40-hour power reserve with a power indicator. We created an open-heart dial that allows an unhindered view of the dual wheels in motion so you can get a clear view of the engineering that went into this watch’s design. This watch can go with everything you wear. It can fit any wrist size up to 21 CM (8.26 IN). Because this watch is one-size fits all, you don''t need to spoil the surprise by measuring his wrist beforehand.

Unlike leather bands and low-quality metals, our hand-selected, premium hardwoods will not deteriorate or become brittle from everyday wear. No two pieces are the same, and each is 100% original and unique. We use high-quality tempered glass to protect the elaborate dial and is scratch and scrape resistant.

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Pro Seller

Sold by Ibtikar General Trading - UAEIBTIKAR

Welcome to the World of Creativity IBTIKAR GENERAL TRADING LLC is a UAE-based company which is located in Ras Al Khaimah. We deal in branding, corporate gifts, promotional items & packaging in the UAE. We offer a complete promotion and branding solution for all events, occasions, and campaigns. Our trained executives will ensure that you get the kind of personalized gift that is ideal for your advertising campaign, seminar, or event. This is owing to our network of global partners who help us continuously update our supplies for corporate promotions to cater to the ever-changing business environment.

Brand information

Wilds Wood was established with the mission to combine elements of nature and excellent design with a touch of craftsmanship. All their products are eco-friendly and handmade from reclaimed wood. Each of our products is named after particularly endangered species to represent the natural look, feel and truly unique products, along with bringing character and individuality. They offer products like Sunglasses, Watches, Wallets, Bamboo Toothbrushes and Kids Sunglasses. They want to drive environmental awareness and teamed with The Nature Conservancy by planting one tree through their ‘Plant a Billion' campaign for every product we sell. So choose from a wide variety of collection of Wilds Wood products for wholesale at WeMENA sourced from authorized distributors and suppliers in Dubai, UAE. So one sale we do is equal to one panted tree. Get the best prices and WeMENA ensures a safe and secure marketplace without the hassles of intermediaries.