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AL HAMMADI NAMBYTHAN TRADING CO LLC is an importer and distributor of stationery, office equipment, Artist products and binding materials, wellbeing products etc… since 1981based in Dubai. Our dedicated and customer oriented team will help you succeed to obtain the most top, trusted brands of stationery products, office equipment, binding material and artist products giving you the best performance and quality that you simply deserve. We distribute the goods all over UAE and nearby countries such as Oman and Bahrain. We have well-known supplies like Elco AG-Switzerland, Floortex Europe Ltd-Germany, Avery Dennison Zweckform-Germany/UK, Grafoplas-Spain, TPPS (i-Bind)-Hong Kong, Ancor-Portugal, Bi-Office-Portugal, Desq-Netherlands, ErichKrause-Finland, Mont Marte-China to name a few.

Location Dubai
Established 1981
Shipping Options Export Available, Pick-up Available
Payments COD, VISA/MasterCard, Trade Credit
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