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Back to Nature, a brand founded in 2019 in Dubai, is a range of compostable foodservice packaging and tableware that is safe to eat from and 100% biodegradable. The brand aligns with our philosophy of a sense of responsibility to live a sustainable and ethical way to protect our environment. Whether you are a business with a strong focus on helping mother nature thrive, or a homeowner wanting to contribute in the well- being of our environment by using compostable products, we at Back to Nature are here to serve you. As a leading biodegradable packaging company, we take pride in offering the most extensive range of single-use disposable products ranging from dine-in tableware packaging to compostable takeaway containers. We want our partners – foodservice outlets and food packaging companies, and their customers to have quality & affordable eco-friendly disposable packaging solutions. Unlike other disposables, Back to Nature packaging does not persist in the environment and does not create toxicity and pollution. They reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and when composted, it produces nutrient rich soil. Also, our compostable food packaging disposables take less energy to manufacture which reduces the greenhouse emissions released into the atmosphere. All our products are certified as per FDA standards and approved by ECAS authority. By “being responsible” about protecting and preserving the environment, you can show your customer how environmentally- conscious you are while serving them your delicious meals with Back to Nature Tableware and Food Packing products. Contact us to switch to 100% Compostable Foodservice Packaging that disintegrates in just 90 days leaving no toxicity in the soil.

Established 2019
Shipping Options Export, Supplier Pick-up
Payments COD, VISA/MasterCard, Trade Credit
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