Cha-A-Baby Store

Cha-A-Baby was introduced in Oct 2020 by 2 passionate mummies living in Thailand, who have a creative, fashionable, and unique eye for baby clothing. Cha-A- means "Peek A Boo" in Thai and forms an expression of "Surprise," when used. Cha-A-Baby targets all mums who love to surprise and impress the world with their baby's outfits. We have fashionable clothing for babies aged 6 months + up to 2.5 years old depending on the baby's height and weight, all made from comfortable fabrics that encourage easy mobility for children. We also have festive wear (ie, Christmas, Indian Wedding Wear) for those mums who love fashion for their babies.

Established 2020
Shipping Options Export
Payments COD, VISA/MasterCard, Trade Credit
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