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Eco clean Detergent Factory LLC, established in 2020 has been serving the Middle East and Africa region with high-quality products for Homecare, and Institutional Care. Eco clean Detergent Factory LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning & hygiene products (detergents, disinfectants, specialty chemicals) in the Gulf. It was founded with a single-minded objective - to meet the growing needs of high-quality detergents and products suitable for the Middle East and Africa region. Driven by its mission “Total Customer Satisfaction”, Eco Clean offers a broad portfolio of premium international quality products that range from Home Care, Institutional Care, and custom developments. With our expertise in detergent and surfactant chemistry, Eco Clean has provided custom solutions for many companies, organizations, and government agencies across the region. The manufacturing unit of Eco clean is in the emirate of Umm al Quwain, recently expanded. It is equipped with automated machinery and products manufactured adopting the best practices. Additionally, its products are certified by recognized testing and certification bodies such as Municipalities & ESMA. Eco clean is an established manufacturer of private labels for several major supermarket Chains throughout the Middle East. Our top brands are Eco Bleach, Eco hand wash, Ecoteol disinfection, Eco all-purpose, Eco sanitol Surfaces

Established 2020
Shipping Options WeMENA, Export Available, Pick-up Available
Payments COD, VISA/MasterCard, Trade Credit
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